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How Fast Can I Turn Around Your Old Site?

About Us

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Quality websites do not have to come with outrageous price tags. I will make sure your website will fit your functional needs… without looking like it’s from 2005.

100% Uptime upon completion. No need to hide behind 99.99%. Did I mention, all of your links will work?

On Friday 4/26/2024 after leaving Grant Cardone’s business summit, I decided I could show you better than I could tell you.

I deleted my old Jaes Breigh website and made a new one from scratch to show you that getting a new website up & integrated with a CRM does not have to take several months. It was finished Saturday 4/27/2024. Today is Sunday.


The Best Prices


Basic Plan

For simple websites typically under seven pages connected to your CRM.

$ 1,997


Pro Plan

On Average 8-15 page websites with in depth customization, automation, and CRM integrations. 

$ 4,997


Elite Plan

Mostly include high product Shopify websites; or extremely custom CRM integrations.

$ 14,997

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Frequently Asked Questions

At the 10X Summit it was stated that we have to use social media again. While all of us may not be fans, best known will beat best product any day. “They can’t flow you if they don’t know you.” We all need to take steps to move away from obscurity, myself included. If I could take a chance on my own website, you can too. Question is, will you move faster than me, or will you only think about it?

Yes, but it would be best to contact me for a quote first. Based on what is needed, some of the prices may be higher or lower than what is listed per plan. The plan prices are general overviews for those who know what they want, need, and are ready to take action. 

My default aim is to have most projects completed within 14 days of payment. There have been times where websites were completely finished & satisfied within 7 days. Most projects are completed within 30 days, unless they are extremely large projects.

Due to previous websites being developed under another company, in 2024 I am now currently looking to build my own portfolio. My solo projects include truul.online (the local business search engine), rhitta.com (DIY SaaS CRM solutions), smart5websites.com ( web design projects) , solvedbyrhitta.com (Done For You Small Business CRM & Automations), & exemplaryway.com , an experimental physical goods project. 

The book on communication was completed in February 2024, but release has been pushed back while editing is completed; and while I resume work on the websites. Current Public release date is scheduled for August 1st 2024. 


Jaes Breigh is an Author and Entrepreneur. After leaving his CRM Management role in the corporate office, he’s been more focused on ventures of his own.

Social media

Though previously abandoned, social media will make it’s return in 2024.